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Monday, February 19, 2018

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NZ Independent Coalition’s official launch

Independent views
By Brendan Horan
NZ Independent Coalition Party leader

This week we saw the official launch of the NZ Independent Coalition. It was a great night, shared by many of our founding members including friends and family and others keen to join us. Coming together to share in this momentous occasion, there was an atmosphere of great anticipation and excitement.

We have responded to the call for something better. The current political system no longer serves our best interests.

It is broken, MPs can no longer represent the views of their constituents and communities. They are beholden to list ranking committees and party leaders. It’s a system that sees MPs regularly forced to vote the party line ahead of the people who voted them in locally. It’s a system that sees public debate shifted and politicians increasingly disconnected from the real world and their communities.

NZ Independent Coalition offers a new way forward, a concept that’s simple, common sense and easy to agree with. Political representation by locals for locals, giving the voice back to the communities, electorates and people of our nation.

We want to bridge the gap between Wellington and the rest of New Zealand. We’ll enable ‘your voice’ to determine how your NZIC MP will vote on major legislation. Using electronic media, the electorate will instruct their MP on how to vote – and this will be binding. We call this inclusive and progressive politics – the voice of the people.

And we’re not alone. Check out the rampant popularity of the independent movements in Europe, and in particular Germany and Britain. Internationally, citizens are appreciating there can be a better way. The mood for change is strong and the Bay of Plenty has a chance at this election to elect creditable candidates, who will represent the real voice of the electorate throughout the next three years. Candidates who will champion the BOP, and who will not be bound to party policies, party leaders and party procedures.

The peoples’ voice. The peoples’ choice.

If you’d like to discuss this or any other issues please contact me. or Phone Brendan on 07 574 0253.



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