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Monday, March 19, 2018

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Weight loss and food addictions

Leigh Elder
Eat for keeps

This week we take a look at weight loss resistance, a problem which affects many people.

Generally men lose weight more easily than women. This is primarily because men tend to have a higher percentage of muscle than women, and muscle burns a lot more food energy than fat.

Women are also more likely to have a metabolic syndrome that will hamper their best efforts.

Both men and women will likely experience increased insulin resistance as they get older. Some people may have a genetic disposition towards weight gain and other factors which will provide similar barriers.

Different body types are also significant and, in many cases, a naturally slim person will generally have trouble putting on weight while a thicker-set person will put on weight too easily.

The psychological and emotional impacts of weight gain or loss can also be incredibly diverse and mysterious.

Sabotage is common and comes in many different forms, often completely derailing people who have been managing really well.

Obese people often find themselves living in a world of isolation, discomfort and depression. When they embark on a programme they have twice as much to lose, in more ways than one.

Sometimes this may be the spur they need to succeed, while for others the pressure is too much and they end up failing.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fantastic resource for alcoholics; similarly Food Addicts – at – is an organisation which helps people with food addictions and the serious emotional problems related to this.

We’ll continue this theme next time with some specific details on problem areas and the solutions to these. Contact or 027 294 1980.



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