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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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A third place rating NZ can not ignore

Jane Le Guay
Health Team Leader,
Sport Bay of Plenty

Some fascinating but somewhat disturbing facts are consistently making headlines. New Zealand is currently ranking third in the world of obesity ratings. It is reported six of every 10 adult Kiwis are either overweight or obese! For a small island nation with a reputation of clean, outdoor living steeped in sporting history, this is shocking. Given the link between excess weight and a wide range of health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and more, it is time to get healthy.

Sport Bay of Plenty runs the Green Prescription programme for the Bay of Plenty. Perhaps you have heard of it? Over 3,000 Bay of Plenty people have taken part in the 6 month programme within the last year. This programme supports people who are inactive to develop a healthy lifestyle, in a fun and supportive setting.   Each person on the programme works with a Green Prescription advisor. These experts support participants to take part in physical activity, something they enjoy is always best, and to making some changes to the food they eat, even small changes can make a large difference. Through the Green Prescription programme there are many opportunities to get involved in exercise whether you enjoy walking, aqua jogging, exercise classes or you would just like to benefit from the camaraderie of people who face the same journey as you.

Remember that old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. Green Prescription is not only for those with diagnosed medical conditions but it is also for people who are keen to reap the benefits of developing a healthy lifestyle. So if you are currently inactive and feel this beginners programme is for you make sure to have a look at the Sport Bay of Plenty website for more information

How many times have you thought you should get out there and give it a go? Despite holding the keys and knowledge to unlock the door to a healthy lifestyle making  changes for good can be extremely challenging,  sometimes the support, advice and encouragement from the Green Prescription advisors and others on the same journey can make the difference.

If you would like to take part in the programme or would like to find out more talk to your GP or Practice Nurse.


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