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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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“It’s very odd, I was in New Zealand in 2015, and prior to that it was 30-odd years before. Maybe I’d upset someone; to be asked back after 30 years is a long time,” laughs Legendary Scottish singer-songwriter Midge Ure.

“It was a real eye-opener heading back two years ago. I’d forgotten how beautiful the country was so I’m really ecstatic about coming back again.”

This March, and for the first time ever, the former Ultravox frontman and co-founder of charity super-group Band-Aid will take to the stage at Mount Maunganui’s Totara Street performance venue as part of his seven-show Something From Everything Tour of New Zealand.

Midge says the basic idea for the tour was to look at every album he’d been associated with since 1978 and perform songs, “which still stood up as pieces of music and are still relevant today”.

With a career spanning 40-odd years, it’s easy to imagine how difficult it’d be selecting a mere handful of songs to perform. But Midge says the real struggle is actually “facing listening to the catalogue”.

“It’s easier to remember someone else’s stuff than it is to remember mine.

“Once you get over the daunting task of listening to it all and finding the ones that still work for you, then it’s a matter of finding a way of playing and performing those songs alongside much more recent material so they don’t sound ridiculously bizarre next to each other.”

Recalling his previous tour in 2015, Midge remembers how amazing it was to return to New Zealand after 30 years away and being greeted by loving crowds up and down the country.

He says at the start of his career he didn’t have the kind of feedback he receives now, but with the creation of the internet he’s been given an opportunity to learn how much his music has meant to people around the world.

“People write to you and tell you the most amazing things that they’ve done to your music, giving birth to their children or burying their parents, getting married to it; big stuff.

“That sort of thing only comes with the passage of time, because they’re of a certain age they’ve done these big life moments; but they’ve done them to something you’ve written, which is quite bizarre and quite intimidating that you write something that means so much to someone else.”

Midge Ure with India Electric Company’s Cole Stacey and Joseph O’Keefe performs at Totara Street performance venue in Mount Maunganui on March 16. Doors open 7.30pm. Tickets cost $66.50 from Ticketek.

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Lest we forget, Mt Maunganui. Photo: Cherry Fowles.

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