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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Fewer people in the Bay on benefit

Posted at 4:55pm Thursday 21 Jan, 2016

Todd Muller MP says there are 143 fewer people in the Bay of Plenty collecting a main benefit since this time last year.

“Moving from welfare into work means a better life for the people of the Bay of Plenty and their families.

“In recent years there has been widespread reform of the welfare system, aimed at increasing independence where possible. This reform is working well, nationwide there are 38,000 fewer people on welfare since this time 3 years ago,” says Todd.

Locally sole parents are leading way. There are 45 fewer Bay of Plenty parents collecting Sole Parent Support since December 2014. These numbers coincide with the Bay of Plenty region showing the most significant growth in the country in employment with the area at 6.1% contrary to a nationwide softening.

“Parents moving into full time, sustainable employment helps to break the cycle of welfare dependency because we know that children who grow up in benefit dependent homes are more likely to end up on welfare themselves.

“Sole parents do a tremendous job and it’s great they are taking up opportunities made available by local businesses and organisations who are creating jobs due to their confidence in the region’s future,” says Todd.

Progress is being made across New Zealand with the number of people receiving a main benefit falling by 2.5 per cent in the last 12 months. The number of parents collecting Sole Parent Support has fallen by 5.7 per cent for the same period.


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