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Sunday, March 25, 2018

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New water supply for Colville locals

Posted at 11:09am Saturday 15 Apr, 2017

They might be a small Coromandel community, but Colville has achieved a huge goal with the unveiling of its new water supply.

The Colville Water Supply Society, working with the Coromandel-Colville Community Board, have successfully provided a new, safe water supply to 14 residential properties in the Colville Village.

An ongoing project since November 2015, three water supply options were initially put to the community in February 2016, with the self-cleaning intake and settling tank chosen.

Each of the 14 users contributed $1000 to the cost of the infrastructure and a further $1200 to the cost of their individual dwelling filter cost. The Coromandel-Colville Board also provided $5000 towards a survey for an easement through private property to protect the supply in the future.

“This is a great example of what even a small community can achieve when working together,” says Coromandel-Colville Councilor Tony Brljevich.

All users pay an annual levy for filter cleaning, system inspection and general maintenance.

The supply starts at a natural rock pool with a self-cleaning intake, which then heads to two 200 litre settling tanks. The water then moves slightly downhill to the 100 micron filter tank and then onto the 50 micron filter tank.

Arriving at each dwelling the water then moves through a 20 micron and then a 1 micron filter, giving residents a beautiful quality of water. The supply also has five firefighting outlets placed around the village, and any new dwellings are able to connect easily to the supply.

Managing and overseeing the project was Colivlle local Roy Fraser.

The new self-cleaning water intake.

The two 200 litre settling tanks near the water intake.

Each house is fitted with a 20 micron filter, a 1 micron filter and a UV purifier. 


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