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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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$1.8m to prevent violent robberies

Posted at 7:15am Friday 02 Jun, 2017

A total of $1.8 million will be made available for robbery prevention at dairies, superettes and small local businesses.

Police Minister Paula Bennett says the government has heard the concerns of shop keepers, which is why they have put aside this money to co-fund a range of security and prevention measures.

Businesses assessed as being high risk will be invited to apply for co-funding for measures like panic and high volume interior alarms, DNA spray, fog cannons and time safes for cash and storage of cigarettes. Owners will also be given advice on how to alter their shops’ layout to make them safer. 

“The money is from the Justice Sector Fund and is aimed at small family or individually-owned businesses that are considered to be high risk that can’t cover the costs of increased security without some help.”

“Police will identify high risk businesses that meet the criteria, and they will be invited to apply to the fund if they need financial assistance to install new security measures.”

Businesses at high risk of robberies will be determined by using established intelligence assessment tools that overlay crime rates with other characteristics, such as type of crime, the time of day and location.

Police will fund up to 50 per cent of the cost of the security measures, and in some exceptional circumstances, they may pay a larger share.

It’s expected all of the 500-600 businesses considered high risk will be eligible for co-funding. In addition to that, around 3500 businesses will be visited to receive safety advice.

Rotorua MP Todd McClay says he will be pushing hard to ensure Rotorua and Te Puke get a fair share of the $1.8m in co-funding.

“Everyone has the right to feel safe at work and in their community and we are working hard to ensure our businesses get the support they need.

“I encourage any local businesses that have genuine safety concerns to make contact with Police and see whether they are eligible for financial support or safety advice.”

Police also have a task force working specifically with businesses on crime-prevention measures and have committed to visiting 3500 businesses nationwide to give safety advice, adds Todd.

“This is a win for the safety of our local businesses and communities and I am pleased to see further support for law and order since our announcement of 69 new frontline Police officers for the Bay of Plenty.”


Tomahawk Kid

Posted on 05-06-2017 14:53 | By Border Patrol

...I think you nailed the solution beautifully!!
Make them available from the Police Station

Posted on 02-06-2017 18:55 | By The Tomahawk Kid

Make cigarettes available from the POLICE STATION, They have plenty of security 24/7
Bring back the Stocks in the town square

Posted on 02-06-2017 18:23 | By waiknot

Weapons for protection.

Posted on 02-06-2017 17:04 | By Papamoaner

Under the crimes act, any object kept for protection is deemed to be an offensive weapon. So there is no legal means for shop owners to protect themselves with weapons kept for that purpose. Possession of an offensive weapon is an offence. However, If a shopkeeper genuinely fears for his safety and "grabs the nearest thing" in the heat of the moment, and uses it to defend himself, I believe he could argue reasonable defence since the weapon was not kept for that purpose I would not be surprised if shopkeepers are taking a closer look at their stock on the shelves, and what is within easy reach. There was one published incidence overseas a few years ago where oven cleaner spray was used effectively to deter thieves who reportedly fled from the shop rubbing their faces.
Half witt.

Posted on 02-06-2017 16:47 | By Axeltic

Wow.. I never new it could be this easy.. A couple of million to stop drunk driving.. a couple more to stop assauts.. a few more to stop drug abuse, And a few more to stop family violence.. Its just a matter of a few bucks.. No neeed for a police force at all.. Imagine the savings.. Wow national you are so onto it.. Cheers.
No, but they are low life!!

Posted on 02-06-2017 13:59 | By The Hobbit

I agree Captain Sensible but these people are low-life and need taken off the streets and put into prisons which are run by military personnel. Anyway, one day soon these low-life will be able to grab their cigs and drugs all at the same time if Government makes chemists responsible for selling tobacco............a one-stop-shop for them. I say allow store keeps to protect themselves by whatever means - machine guns if necessary :-)

Posted on 02-06-2017 13:03 | By morepork

... should be legally allowed to defend themselves and their premises with weapons if necessary. While an escalation of violence is undesirable, you can’t simply let thugs and petty criminals get away with it. I’m wondering if some of these crimes would occur at all if the perpetrators knew there was a possibility of losing their lives for a pack of cigarettes... It would be interesting to see if the statistics show that such crimes are reduced in countries where an armed response is legal, or whether they are just the same.
Our justice system

Posted on 02-06-2017 11:54 | By Papamoaner

Many folk think our justice system is substandard because they have not seen others. Reading through the detail of the report, it seems soundly based and well planned. Similar measures reduced bank stickups here decades ago, so bank robberies are now uncommon. Compared to many other countries, our law enforcement systems are sophisticated whereas theirs are quite crude. For example, outside every bank and shopping mall in the Philippines, there are two guards with semi-auto shotguns. One gun is loaded with shot. The other is loaded with steel-cored rifled slugs for fracturing vehicle engines. We don’t want those crude measures here. Also, reasonably, upon entering malls, all bags are searched by armed guards, including women’s bags, albeit with some dignity and respect. The guards wear white gloves and have probes that resemble a long chopstick.
Gotta fight back

Posted on 02-06-2017 08:22 | By hapukafin

Fill the shop up with cameras might catch the robber but doesnt stop the crime.These guys know that the store keeper is not allowed to have weapons to fight back so they take their chances.Arm the shops with $1.8m of hockey sticks to defend themselves with would be more successful.Its better for defence than baseball bat or cricket bats.Guards for jewellers and money changes used them in South East Asia successfully many years ago when I was there
they are not stupid

Posted on 02-06-2017 07:47 | By Captain Sensible

When the thieves know which dairies have the extra security.....they will go to another dairy that does not have security. Duh, they are not that stupid! Besides, we all know how the police, even with clear security camera images of the offenders are inclined to do absolutely nothing or even if arrested, the offenders are out in no time. Sadly, despite being a third world country in disguise, we have a PC first world joke for a justice system.

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