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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Harsher penalties sought for stock theft

Posted at 9:20am Wednesday 14 Jun, 2017

Bay of Plenty Farmer Rick Powdrell is delighted the Sentencing (Livestock Rustling) Amendment Bill has been drawn from the ballot to go before Parliament.

"It’s frightening when you are faced with someone in a remote rural area who is most likely armed," says Rick.

"The successful passing of this bill would show the victims of livestock rustling that the justice system is prepared to take these crimes seriously," says the Federated Farmers’ Rural Security spokesperson.

Federated Farmers is pleased the bill will be heard.

"Federated Farmers would like to see harsher penalties for crimes such as stock theft, including the threat of losing vehicles and equipment used in the crime as is the case with fisheries prosecutions," says Rick.

Livestock theft is not only a financial burden to farming businesses but also a risk to people’s safety. Farmers are often alone when confronting stock thieves.

It’s estimated that livestock rustling costs the farming community over $120 million a year. The bill is intended to deter people from engaging in livestock theft by identifying it as an aggravating factor at sentencing.

The bill partners well with the Police announcement that 177 new frontline staff will be posted around New Zealand over the next 12 months, and 880 sworn staff over the next four years.

These additional officers will see an increase in 24/7 policing in rural areas.



There is a simple fix!

Posted on 15-06-2017 23:32 | By The Caveman

A electric fence or two in and around the paddocks surrounding the sock. 400 volts ! Bugger - must have been a faulty fence - but then how did you get zapped - what were you doing there !!! Sorry chap, but as you had NO right to be on MY land, I could not inform you that the fence was supercharged to stop my bull walking through the barb wire fence !!
Hang Um High

Posted on 14-06-2017 17:02 | By Bazza 78

They used to hang cattle rustlers.That’s what they deserve.
Crime does pay in NZ

Posted on 14-06-2017 12:51 | By Captain Sensible

This is NZ. Politicians talk about "three strikes and you’re out" but it is all hot air. Crime does pay.
By CC8

Posted on 14-06-2017 11:57 | By Papamoaner

Good points!Interestingly, fisheries enforcers are empowered to seize all offence related assets, vehicles, diving gear, deepfreezers, etc. And the fines are HUGE. I’m not against that at all, but we need FAST legislation NOW, to apply the same rules to stock rustling. How devastating this is for farmers. Why can’t politicians get off their arses in a timely manner when an urgent need is there?The only powers farmers have at present, is the right to shoot stray dogs on their property. Oops, I genuinely thought he was a dog your honour!
hang em high!

Posted on 14-06-2017 11:21 | By CC8

There is NO THIEF worse than a stock thief, it’s one thing to steal an item, most of them are insurable and replaceable. Stock has all of a farmer’s unrealised effort and time invested , yet the taking of one extra fish over quota theoretically has bigger punishment than stealing a mans livelihood...inequitable. Rustling is pure laziness on the part of the rustlers, , in saying all of that no crime is acceptable... so as I say ...hang em high! Biggest punishment possible please take everything they use in committing the crime including driving license, as a matter of course and add years of imprisonment on top...
What disgusting crimes

Posted on 14-06-2017 09:29 | By Papamoaner

Much of our farming community is on or near the breadline, but an ignorant public section always think farmers are wealthier than most. I can think of a punishment that proved to be quite effective for deterring horse thieves during the California pioneering days. Now there’s a thought!

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