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Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Anti-racism campaign launched

Posted at 10:01am Thursday 15 Jun, 2017

A campaign urging New Zealanders to give nothing to racism and refuse to spread intolerance has been launched by some of the country’s most well-known people.

“How we treat other people will define what kind of country we become and what kind of person a New Zealander is,” says Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

“Today some iconic Kiwis are standing shoulder to shoulder with the Human Rights Commission and asking us all to give nothing to racism, to give it no tolerance, to give it no acceptance and to give it no welcome. They make me incredibly proud to be a New Zealander.

“Our campaign is hard case as well as hard hitting. It’s done in a uniquely Kiwi way.”

Overseas and closer to home, racial intolerance and overt attacks are on the rise. 1 in 3 complaints to the Human Rights Commission are about racial discrimination but the overwhelming majority of people never complain when they’re humiliated or abused.

“Hatred and extremism is becoming normal in some places and we want to avoid that future for Aotearoa. Racial prejudice and intolerance starts small, in quiet places, in our everyday lives. When it becomes normalised it turns into overt racism and extremism,” says Dame Susan.

“We live in one of the most ethnically diverse nations on the planet – as well as one of the most peaceful. Whether it stays that way will depend on us, every New Zealander has a role to play in our future. Racism starts small but so too does hope.

“New Zealanders have a right to discuss important issues like immigration and housing: but we need to do it without racism. Play the ball not the person.”

Today’s campaign is the second stage of an ongoing, nationwide anti-racism campaign. Last September the Commission launched a website that enabled everyday New Zealanders to share their personal stories of racism.

It lets people who hadn’t experienced racism or prejudice to hear from people who have.

The That’s Us campaign has so far reached more than 3 million people.



@Miss Adventure

Posted on 20-06-2017 09:00 | By Papamoaner

Can you please explain or qualify your term "half baked" ?
@ rogue

Posted on 16-06-2017 18:54 | By Accountable

You summed it up perfectly.

Posted on 15-06-2017 19:45 | By rogue

Cool, no more Racism.No more Electoral seats based on Race.No more Rugby teams based on Race.No more Political Parties based on Race.No more "Special Grants" to students because of their Race.One country with one set of beliefs, thanks Susan & her team for removing Racism.

Posted on 15-06-2017 17:35 | By maildrop

Fine words. Couldn’t agree more. Your writing style and use of words looks very much like another regular commentor....;)
There is

Posted on 15-06-2017 15:00 | By Abobsworth

To much separatism and handouts on an ethnicity in this country.This is the fault of various Governments and part of it is for political support. Why are there separate departments for different races?

Posted on 15-06-2017 14:19 | By overit

A small ethnic group in NZ is causing racism.
Miss Adventure .... well said!

Posted on 15-06-2017 13:45 | By Mackka

Racism will exist as long as all NZ born ’Kiwis’ are treated equally. How can it be any other way when

Posted on 15-06-2017 12:21 | By dumbkof2

so mayore are getting 4mil dollars to help get drivers license are other races getting the same amount. and what about the mayore all blacks where is hart and fart and cart and all the other protesters. these are just two race based thigs here
The fundamental to beating racism...

Posted on 15-06-2017 11:40 | By morepork

... is a FAIR DEAL for all. Racism is bred from resentment and envy that somebody else is getting a better deal just because of their Ethnicity. Level the playing field, fight the Separatism (Apartheid) that is becoming rampant, and look to the future as one nation with many different cultures, all respected, all part of the fabric of being Kiwi. It needs goodwill and that won’t happen without social justice and true equality under the Law.

Posted on 15-06-2017 11:06 | By MISS ADVENTURE

So what does the articale mean? Will things change so as a small half baked minority dont see themselves as "special" having preference and privilegdge well and beyond all and any others?

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