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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Tauranga’s Mayor faces 'great' dilemma

Posted at 7:12am Thursday 22 Jun, 2017 | By Rosalie Liddle Crawford

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Tauranga’s Mayor Greg Brownless is facing a great dilemma. 

He’s agreed to take part in Te Puke’s Great Debate tonight, but has found himself on the team that supports the idea that ‘Te Puke rules the Bay’.

Originally started by Focus Te Puke, The Great Debate had a hiatus for a few years and is now being resurrected once again by Epic Te Puke as part of the town’s kiwifruit festival. 

“I’m going to try and think of all the things about Te Puke that I really love and expound on them on the night, with plenty of humour,” says Greg.

“I might take the mickey out of some of the Te Puke councillors, so they probably should be there so they can hear what’s said about them.”

Lining up to debate the affirmative or negative of the moot that ‘Te Puke rules the Bay’ are kiwi actor, television producer and director Ginette McDonald, comedian Raybon Kan, radio personality Will Johnston from The Hits, and two students, Brayden Cresswell from Te Puke Intermediate and William Veale from Te Puke High School.

Greg thinks some of his theatre background may emerge on the night.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun, humour and wit,” says Greg.

The Great Debate is on Thursday, June 22, from 6.30pm at the Te Puke Citizens Club. General admission is $25 from PaperPlus Te Puke, via email and limited door sales. Funds raised will be used by Epic Te Puke for future events in the town.


As one

Posted on 23-06-2017 19:55 | By groutby

...and I say with respect to the position achieved under our democratic process, I would have liked a more ..."prominent" and well, "dynamic" approach to Mayoralty . Folks, we need to get into being interested in what happens around us, and vote accordingly, not apathetic and accepting (to be truthful like myself) at the last election...thus we have what we decide..nice to know what he looks like though.

Posted on 22-06-2017 13:07 | By Capt_Kaveman

Greg has turned into the normal muppet that TCC voters like to vote in
Bigger dilemma

Posted on 22-06-2017 13:01 | By overit

I think the Mayor has bigger fish to fry than this dilemma. He needs to reign in his Councils’ spending - I bet he wont be there at the next election.
another debate for the Mayor

Posted on 22-06-2017 11:17 | By Captain Sensible

Greg, maybe you could debate with the Ratepayers on why you feel we should be paying for your and Councillors meals? Maybe you could support the side that says we should not be paying?

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