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Monday, March 19, 2018

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Bushmaster magazine 'tip of iceberg'

Posted at 6:10pm Thursday 22 Jun, 2017

A lost and found Police M4 Bushmaster rifle magazine, shows how the Police Association is wrong to target legal firearms owners while wanting to arm “all” police.

“While the M4 Bushmaster magazine has been thankfully recovered, if this was a private A-Cat firearms licence holder, they’d be going through the wringer about now,” says Ron Mark, New Zealand First Police spokesperson.

“Rather than wanting to arm police, the Police Association’s boss, Chris Cahill, ought to be showing concern about the government not funding Police training.  Just under 60 per cent of all officers say that they do not receive nearly enough training and it shows.

“We also know that the Police have no clue as to how much of their ammunition has been lost, used, or indeed, stolen.  That’s fairly serious.

“Aside from this ‘lost and found’ Police rifle magazine, last year Police lost ‘in transit’ the carrier and assembly for a M4 Bushmaster assault rifle. 

“On top of the misplaced Glock found in a Parliamentary toilet, Police also lost a Taser and a holster during an arrest which was never recovered. 

“For the Police Association to push for a fully armed constabulary is a real concern when the Police have no clue as to how much pepper spray or how many handcuffs they have lost.

 “These are gaping holes and we suggest that the Police Association and Government focus on plugging them with training, rather than going after law abiding duly licensed firearms owners,” says Mr Mark.



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