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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Pitbulls de-sexed in pilot programme

Posted at 7:56am Wednesday 28 Jun, 2017

A total of 50 dogs have been de-sexed as part of a pilot programme in the Bay of Plenty.

The Opotiki District Council approached the government to join the neutering programme last year in the hopes that it would reduce the harm caused by dangerous and menacing dogs.

Almost all of the 50 dogs are pitbulls or pitbull crosses, which under the Dog Control Act are considered dangerous if not de-sexed.

The council is now calling for final dogs to be de-sexed before the funding runs out in June.

“We know that de-sexing has a significant impact on dog behaviour and it is a step in the right direction to reduce the aggression in known dangerous dogs,” says Opotiki District Council’s acting, planning and regulatory group manager Steve Pickles.

Council is asking that anyone with a voucher for subsidised de-sexing should use it as soon as possible.

“There are about 20 vouchers given to dog owners that haven’t yet been redeemed. We need these last few owners to book their dogs in for neutering in the next week or so to use those vouchers.

“It’s also a timely reminder that dogs must be registered before 31 July to avoid penalty fees and a de-sexed dog is much cheaper to register than an entire dog.”


Only 50?

Posted on 07-07-2017 19:29 | By BennyBenson

This really surprises me, only 50 Bull Breeds un-fixed in the whole BOP? Maybe this is only the already registered ones. There must be many more unregistered, going by the amount going through the pounds every week. So it seems that the irresponsible loser owners that have been successful in giving these dogs a bad name, can’t even be bothered making a phone call to arrange getting their dogs de-sexed even though it’s been offered to them for FREE!
Yes it is the owner

Posted on 28-06-2017 15:59 | By Fonzie

Not the dog But these dogs have been bred with very powerful jaws and if they misbehave as is the potential for all dogs [and people] they are dangerous Desexing them helps tone down the aggressive traits
golly gosh

Posted on 28-06-2017 14:19 | By old trucker

I know a few that need DESEXING in TCC, ,agree with daisychains, and laurie,my thoughts only,Thankyou ,10-4 out,
It's the owner not the dog

Posted on 28-06-2017 11:59 | By Daisychains

I still don’t understand the blame of a breed being dangerous. It all comes down to a minority who tend to purchase the breed and use them as scary dogs on purpose. I have a pitty myself and not once has he been aggressive, all he wants is love. So maybe you need to assess their owners before making a very intelligent breed go extinct like several other breeds...

Posted on 28-06-2017 11:00 | By Laurie

in theory but unfortunately the target group of idiot owners with unregistered dogs won’t participate.

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