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Thursday, April 26, 2018

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Trustpower ‘underwhelming’ – survey

Posted at 6:44am Friday 07 Jul, 2017

Tauranga-based Trustpower is one of the powercos found by a Consumer NZ customer survey to be providing a less than satisfactory service.

Just 45 percent of customers are satisfied with the service provided by the country’s big five power companies.

Consumer NZ chief executive, Sue Chetwin says the majority of those customers surveyed found Contact, Genesis, Mercury, Meridian and Trustpower delivered an “underwhelming service”.

“This satisfaction rating is lower than rates we’ve found in the banking and general insurance industries,” says Sue. “And it’s dragged down largely by the performance of the big five.

“Our surveys consistently find the big players are letting the side down in the customer satisfaction stakes. This year, their proportions of very satisfied customers were all below 50 per cent.”

Consumer NZ singled out Bosco Connect, a subsidiary of Mercury Energy, which often serves as the default provider in apartments. “Thirty per cent of customers had regularly experienced long wait times to speak to customer service. Its overall rate of very satisfied customers was just 28 per cent,” says Sue.

Bosco’s power price is a third more than the national average. “And we’re aware of one letting agent that wrongly told clients they had no choice of energy retailer.”

Some retailers are doing a better job of keeping their customers happy. Flick Electric topped the Consumer NZ survey with 71 per cent of customers very satisfied with the company’s service. They were also more likely to think they were getting good value for money.

Flick’s rates are directly tied to the spot (wholesale) price of power, says Sue. While the rates can offer big savings, customers need to be prepared to weather higher bills when prices spike.

Spot prices have recently risen as a result of low lake levels in the South Island. Flick customers worried about rising prices are able to ditch the retailer without penalty as the company doesn’t have break fees.

The survey results can be found in the July issue of Consumer magazine and at  The survey was conducted in May. A nationally representative sample of 1437 New Zealanders aged 18 or over was asked to rate the performance of their energy provider.

SunLive has contacted Trustpower for comment.



Even when considering their cheques

Posted on 08-07-2017 20:28 | By Tgaboy

That you get at the end of the year, they are far more expensive than other companies. We changed power companies 1 year ago and are better for it with savings. I’d encourage other users to,do the same. I know a staff member there who only remains with trust power because they are her employer. Otherwise she told me she wouldn’t be with them because they charge too much.
Smoke and mirrors

Posted on 07-07-2017 18:28 | By stokey

Trust power are masters at smoke and mirrors. I dumped them over 4 years ago after I worked out they were not only ripping me off in their charges, but totally misleading on their ’so called’ loyalty cheques they sent each year. They are in the top 3 of the most expensive power providers in the Country, even taking into account their ’cheques’. I will never go back to them as they are full of BS.
Trustpower no complaints 2

Posted on 07-07-2017 12:04 | By michael

Agree with Colleen,although I have only been a customer for about 20 years and am totally satisfied.I have used the Nightowl facility for many years and the off peak water heating this provides does help keep the cost down. I am a little surprised that Trustpower don’t advertise this useful service a bit more.
Trustpower no complaints

Posted on 07-07-2017 10:02 | By Colleen Spiro

I have been with Trustpower since around 1972.... since then we were GIVEN two lots of power shares worth $1000 each, which, when we sold them, returned $26,000. I brought a brand new car, and Money to spare. My summer bill is around $140, my winter bill around $200 with heat pump on when I want. I am never cold.....I get a rebate cheque of $500 a year, so no bloody complaints from me from Trustpower over 50 years...GO TRUSTPOWER. I pay by automatic payment, always in credit, so no need to worry for winter
No surprises there

Posted on 07-07-2017 08:51 | By overit

I left Trustpower 4yrs ago. My estimated power bill suddenly increased well above my actual reading, despite no changes within the house. Then when the actual reading bill came in it would show I had paid too much on the estimated bill and would be considerably lower. I phoned customer services and was told I must be using more power. Not so, and this went on for a few more months, so when the Energy on Line Rep. knocked on my door I jumped ship and have never regretted it.

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