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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Red Fox cold case re-opens

Posted at 7:33am Friday 28 Jul, 2017

Police are re-opening their investigation into the Red Fox Tavern murder, the 1987 shooting in Maramarua, of tavern proprietor Chris Bush.

Chris was shot dead at the Red Fox Tavern on Saturday night, October 24 1987, while enjoying a drink with three other staff members, when two men burst in just before midnight.

The two heavily disguised men, one carrying a double-barrelled shotgun and the other a baseball bat, stormed into the bar yelling “This is a hold up”.

As Chris stood up, he was shot and killed.

One of the men then ordered a female staff member to search Chris’ pockets for the key to the safe.

The safe was cleared of cash before both men left the bar.

Police are investigating new information and re-examining forensic evidence as the investigation continues into the 1987 murder of Chris Bush in Maramarua.

Police are re-examining forensic material collected at the time with the hope that there might be evidence to support charges.

Detective Inspector Gary Lendrum, the officer in charge of the case, says Police are still determined decades later to bring those responsible for the murder of Chris Bush to justice.

“The men involved may have been intimidating 30 years ago, but they will now be middle aged or older and you may now feel comfortable contacting Police.

If you do know something, your calls will be treated in confidence,” says Detective Inspector Lendrum.

Police are appealing for anyone who knows anything about this case to come forward.

“There are people out there who know who was responsible for his brutal murder and I’m hopeful that after 30 years they will have the courage to come forward to police.

“I believe with the public’s assistance we can solve this unsolved murder and bring closure to the family of Chris Bush,” says Detective Inspector Lendrum.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation is asked to contact Counties Manukau Police on 09 263 2791.

Information can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by contacting the Police Ten 7 show.

As screened on Thursday night’s episode of Police Ten 7, police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder. You can re-watch the item on the Police Ten 7 Facebook page.



A real who dune it.

Posted on 29-07-2017 08:55 | By waiknot

I think half the country knows who.

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