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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Heavy rain for NZ, snow in Australia

Posted at 11:04am Thursday 02 Nov, 2017

Both New Zealand and Australia will have mostly sunny weather on Thursday but conditions are going downhill in Aotearoa as a front and low moves in for Friday and the weekend.

Gusty conditions are expected over the Southern Ocean due to the developing low and this will also brush parts of New Zealand in the coming days, says

“Rainfall wise and over 150mm of rain is forecast around the mountains of the South Island’s West Coast.

“Localised flooding and slips are possible over the next few days so keep up to date with roading conditions via NZTA.”

Friday night.

Meanwhile it’s colder over in Australia - snow will fall at higher elevations in Tasmania overnight, quite a contrast to the late 20s being recorded in parts of the lower South Island recently, says the weather organisation. “Rain will become heavier in some parts of New Zealand on Saturday while the deepening trough is passing over.

“In Auckland this weekend rainfall is very hard to lock in - it appears there will be isolated showers which have the potential to grow/expand on Saturday afternoon.

“A tricky forecast to lock in for the upper North Island so check back for updates.”


Saturday night.


typical Colleen

Posted on 03-11-2017 15:35 | By Major Think

Typical Colleen when the facts don’t suit.... insults and name calling ....the MO of the PC brigade.
Gosford oz

Posted on 02-11-2017 19:12 | By Capt_Kaveman

arrived on Sat 24C sun 27C mon 34C tues 21C wed 21C today 20C nice cool southerly
@ Colleen Spiro

Posted on 02-11-2017 17:38 | By Captain Sensible

So....tell us, what word was used in the Treaty as the maori word for NZ? Have some respect for the truth!
@captain sensible @ dumbkof2

Posted on 02-11-2017 14:53 | By Colleen Spiro

such ignorant comments from one that thinks he is sensible, and one who admits that he is dumb.....just plain ignorant, the both of you. Have some respect.
New Zealand

Posted on 02-11-2017 11:14 | By Captain Sensible

As far as I know, New Zealand has not had a name change. The word "Aotearoa" never meant NZ because maori had no concept of what a country was. Even in the Treaty, there was no mention of that word. Can we just stick to the facts please.

Posted on 02-11-2017 11:14 | By dumbkof2

glad i dont live in outer rower

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Rotorua lake, Mokoia island and a manned canoe.  Photo: Thirza Fleeson.

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