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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Keeping pets safe this Guy Fawkes

Posted at 9:58am Sunday 05 Nov, 2017


While many of the big fireworks displays were let off last night, pet owners are being warned to look after their animals with Guy Fawkes officially being today.

SPCA Tauranga says SPCAs around New Zealand receive lots of calls about fireworks involving animal injuries, frightened animals, missing pets and occasionally, animal abuse.

“Remember to plan for your pets, large and small, to keep them happy and healthy,” says a post on the SPCA’s Facebook page today.

“Keep all pets indoors (move farm and small animals somewhere safe too!), create a safe place to hide away if they choose to (such as a crate or bed) and walk your dog early in the day today so they aren’t out during peak firework time. 

“Give your pets extra love this Guy Fawkes as it can be a stressful and scary time for them. Sending love to all animals out there.”



Posted on 05-11-2017 12:41 | By overit

I’m sick of it already. I sat and listened to it all last night, it sounded like a war outside. Be like the Aussies and get rid.
no sleep for the workers

Posted on 05-11-2017 11:43 | By Captain Sensible

How about the morons that will be letting off fireworks at 2am on random mornings for the next 5 months with the deliberate aim at waking people up....often the very people that go to work to pay taxes so these low life can feel good about being unemployable.
Do away with Fireworks.

Posted on 05-11-2017 10:31 | By Peaches

Why should more than half the population have to worry themselves sick about the safely and mental health of their pets while not all are idiots but a lot are out there causing havoc, and costing the rate payer due to fires and burns.Even animals brought inside still panic and shake with fear, plus the ones that cant come in like horses ect.

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