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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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Truckie's plea from fatal crash scene

Posted at 9:47am Thursday 21 Dec, 2017

A truck driver’s emtional plea from the scene of a crash which killed a Tauranga woman is being shared all over Facebook.

AJ Quinn’s Facebook post appealed for drivers to slow down and get home safely.

The video on Facebook has been share more than 12,000 times and been viewed 450,000 times.

"We’re five days out from Christmas, and some family’s going to get a s... call this morning," AJ Quinn says in the post (warning, contains strong language).

The car was shunted about 30m along the road after the impact near Hinuera stoneworks.

"Slow down, slow the f... down. Drive to the conditions and get home safely."

A 24-year-old Tauranga woman died in the crash on State Highway 29, near Karapiro, early on Wednesday. 

The video has been viewed 400,000 times in little more than 24 hours.

Police say she appeared to have lost control entering a bend before 5am, shortly after a downpour.

The car was shunted about 30m along the road after the impact near Hinuera stoneworks. Photo: CHRISTEL YARDLEY/STUFF

Her car slid sideways and slammed into the front of an oncoming truck.

Two of the women’s friends were travelling in a car ahead of her.

They turned around when they noticed a flash in their rear vision mirror.

In the footage, Quinn says two people died in the crash but police confirmed the woman was the sole fatality. The driver of the logging truck involved in the crash was uninjured but shaken.

 - Stuff


Don't blame the truckies

Posted on 21-12-2017 18:10 | By About that

Truckies are probably more experienced drivers than most of us given the hours they do and the hops they need to jump through just to stay on the road. They have all seen their fair share of stupidity on the roads and often been part of an incident they had no fault in. Today, some idiot came around welcome bay round about and cut me off with my two young boys in the car, and it was close. I followed the middle aged idiot and confronted him. His excuse was "he was in a hurry to get home." Lame arse, we all may not have made it home because of his inconsiderate stupidity. SLOW DOWN, drive to the conditions and all of us be home for christmas, and the next one, and the next one. Saving 1 minute in time is not worthing loosing a life over.
Pot & Kettle...

Posted on 21-12-2017 16:13 | By Bassist

C’mon... unless your trucks are governed to 90kph you never do the legal speed. I was doing90 towing a trailer in my car and got passed by a logging truck... remind me what their speed limit is again. Time to take some of your own advice Mr Truck driver and slow down.Example; Logging truck trailer rolled in Bethlehem today... that doesnt happen when you’re atthe 50kph speed limit!!!
Hypocrisy, he's taking the ****

Posted on 21-12-2017 11:26 | By maildrop

Maybe truck drivers should lead by example and not routinely break the law and drive dangerously? I had one up to about 2 feet off my back end on Takitimu the other day. I looked at the speedo thinking I must be going too slow, and to my horror I was doing 86! I slowed down immediately. Now I suppose there may be many idiots who think I was in the wrong and should have sped up? Could truck drivers let us know what speed will do for them so that we can avoid such scary moments?

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