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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Parts of Desert Road to close

Posted at 1:50pm Tuesday 23 Jan, 2018

Part of State Highway 1-Desert Road is to have two full closures and will be down to one lane for almost three months while the deck is replaced on Waihohonu Stream Bridge.

The bridge was damaged by a truck crash in July 2017.

The repair work is expected to start on Thursday 25 January and should be completed in April.

During this time road users can expect the bridge to be down to one lane, with some short closures of around 5 minutes. There will be a 30km/h limit in place.

The full closures are projected to take place on 26 February and 14 March, weather permitting.

Each closure is expected be from 7am for around 36 hours. The alternative route is State Highway 46, 47, 4, and 49.

This route is not suitable for vehicles over 44 tonnes, apart from 50MAX which is permitted. High productivity motor vehicles can use the SH3 and SH3A route between Hamilton and Bulls.

Vehicles with over-weight loads or over-dimension loads wider than 3.0 metres will not be able to use the Desert Road section of SH1 for the next few months as it will not be possible to cross the Waihohonu Bridge.

There will also be multiple maintenance work sites on the Desert Road during this period and there are delays possible at other sites.

NZ Transport Agency Waikato Transport System Manager, Karen Boyt, says people using the Desert Road should check before they travel.

“People can expect to experience some delays and should use our website or call us on 0800 4 HIGHWAYS before setting off on their journey.

“The two closures are required to pour the concrete deck. One side will be poured during one closure and the other will be for poured during the second closure.

“We understand the inconvenience this closure and the maintenance work may cause and we’d like to apologise in advance for any disruptions, however this is important work that needs to be completed."

Details of SH1 Desert Rd work

  •   •  First closure at Waihohonu Bridge 26 February from 7am for around 36 hours, weather permitting

  •   •  Second closure at Waihohonu Bridge 14  March from 7am for around 36 hours, weather permitting

  •   •  The road will be down to one lane at Waihohonu Bridge and there will be several other maintenance work sites along the Desert Road during this time so people should expect delays when travelling between Waiouru and Turangi.

  •   •  People should check the website or phone 0800 4 HIGHWAYS before travelling:

  •   •  The alternative route is State Highway 46, 47, 4, and 49. The detour could add around 40 minutes to a journey. This route is not suitable for vehicles over 44 tonnes, apart from 50MAX which is permitted. High productivity motor vehicles can use the SH3 and SH3A route between Hamilton and Bulls.



Posted on 24-01-2018 11:18 | By Kenworthlogger

A High productivity motor vehicle or HPMV is a truck that is heavier than the standard 44 ton unit, longer than a standard unit or higher than a standard unit or a combination of all 3. A HPMV has a big yellow H sign or sticker on the front and rear of the unit usually but not limited to the front and rear bumper. They are only allowed on approved HPMV network roads where the bridges can handle heavier weights. A 50 max is an example of such a unit which can have a gross weight not exceeding 50 ton plus half a ton tolerance.
So what &am in the orning for 24 hours !!

Posted on 23-01-2018 23:42 | By The Caveman

Any other REAL first world country would shut the road at 7PM and have the job DONE by 7AM.................... Usual story in NZ, 3 hours to get to the job, 2 hours of work, and 3 hours to get home....................................

Posted on 23-01-2018 16:55 | By penguin

There is no doubt this road is challenging. It requires all skills plus anticipation for any situation that may arise. Having driven this road for years, in all conditions, there is nearly always something unexpected each time. But that’s the nature of any driving, be it on main highways or suburban streets. Given that the 3 sisters are unlikely to be straightened, all drivers whether of cars, buses or trucks need to accept what is there and drive accordingly.

Posted on 23-01-2018 15:43 | By old trucker

that this road could be straightened out just about all the way to military camp, (BUT) certain people will not let them and you know why, its really dangerous on the 3 sisters which they are not allowed to straighten because of these people, the $370 million given to them last Friday would just about do that whole lot, and these corners have probably cost this much in CRASHES there, anyway my thoughts only, No1 Sunlive, and winning the BEST News is AWESOME Thankyou, 10-4 out. phew.
And all this...

Posted on 23-01-2018 15:28 | By penguin

...inconvenience because someone rolled a truck!

Posted on 23-01-2018 14:05 | By Kaimai

What’s a "High productivity motor vehicles"?

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