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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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No weed campaigning at One Love

Posted at 10:21am Thursday 25 Jan, 2018 | By Sam Gardner

Campaigners planning to pledge the legalisation of marijuana at this weekend’s One Love Festival have been told they will be evicted, if they are found promoting the petition at the event.

The petition has already received more than 1000 signatures since it launched last week and seeks to encourage the government to hold a referendum on making recreational use of marijuana legal.

Petition author David Tank says he is not surprised to get knocked back by One Love promoters.

"Pato got a tad freaked out when we asked to gain access at this weekend’s festival. After all, he wasn’t expecting me to suddenly rock up and tell him I was about to upend his world.”

David says he has been turned down by festival promoters after asking to place a link to the petition on the One Love website and for access to set up a marquee inside the festival grounds.

"This is a big idea and a good one, and a little overwhelming when you understand its potential.

“It demands the vote be held on Saturday January 26 next year and if carried, marijuana is to be made legal as of January 1 2020, around midday.

 “I told him I reckon I can get about 20,000 signatures in a matter of hours and probably break the internet doing it."

He says the date falls on the same day of the first day of next year’s One Love Festival.

"I told him he could sell out next year’s One Love this weekend and by doing so help make political history.”

David says his petition has the potential to reach a large audience at this weekend’s festival.

"Folks are backing my petition because sets an achievable timeframe and allows 42 per cent of marijuana users who will not gain access to medicinal marijuana under the proposed reforms, some hope they will also gain legal access to the medicine they prefer.

“There is sure to be 25,000 peace and weed loving reggae lovers wandering around our neighbourhood this weekend who are going to want to sign this petition when they hear about it. I aim to give them that opportunity."

Festival promoter Pato Alvarez says campaigners are welcome to attend, but anyone seen inviting other attendees to sign the petition, will be asked to leave.

“If I see him working on site he will be removed from the event as he has not got authorisation.

“Everything we do is done according to plans and organisation, which take months to bring together.

“We won’t work with somebody who has contacted us only two days out from the event wanting to organise a petition of this scale.

“We welcome all people to our event if they buy tickets, and David can contact me to set up a time to meet about this in about four to six weeks when my busy summer season is over.”

David says he wants to make the petition apart of the evening performances, suggesting every artist sends a link to the petition through their own social media channels.

“By doing this I believe it will put the petition proposal firmly into the national conversation and by doing so help the country finally end this madness that is prohibition,” he says.


re: Yeh Man

Posted on 25-01-2018 17:54 | By MildGreens

So, are you telling us no one of the 500,000 regular cannabis users drives now and that somehow as if compelled by legislative change they are going to start doing so, and do so dangerously? If that is instructive (and it should be) you might like to look at the outcomes of research in other jurisdictions where cannabis is legally available. For if you were to do so you might see that the data is telling us, the roads are safer.And, if that were taken to its logical conclusion, if your desire for safer roads was to actually make a difference you would be demanding cannabis was compulsory (rather than consume alcohol, for which there is no doubt, impairment is correlated to poor outcomes). The rest it seems, is just tilting at windmills.

Posted on 25-01-2018 17:06 | By Calm down

Probably not the smartest idea to hold the vote on the day of next year’s one love festival. As there’s going to be "25000 peace and weed loving reggae lovers" who will be far more concerned with going to the festival than voting..

Posted on 25-01-2018 16:22 | By old trucker

IMAGINE all the DRUNKS in this heat, me tinks if they get like this DONT HELP THEM keep the gate locked and sleep it off in there, AMBULANCE cost $HUNDREDS and have to put up with this NONSCENSEm my shillings worth for what its worth, N01 Sunlive,Thankyou, 10-4 out phew.
Yeh man

Posted on 25-01-2018 10:48 | By maildrop

Maybe we should have a referendum on introducing very severe prison sentences for drugged drivers on the same ballot? With rights comes responsibility.

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