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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Peters' last appeal for NZ and Middle East conflict

Posted at 1:41pm Sunday 22 Feb, 2015

New Zealand has been taken covertly into another war without due thought of the severe long term consequences , says New Zealand First.

The Prime Minister must  come clean and lay out all the reasons to Parliament, says New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters.

Mr Peters says it is becoming obvious that John Key is a victim of the endless stream of propaganda that tribal groups and fanatics, with decades of religious differences, use to threaten our way of life.

“There will be a tragic outcome from any involvement by New Zealand. We are not working under the legal umbrella of the United Nations, just on a request from one of the factions with a grudge against others.

“In line with our independence and new responsibilities on the United Nations Security Council, we should be calm and measured in our approach, working to help end conflicts - not help start new wars.”

Mr Peters says New Zealand has always gone to the aid of causes it believed in and there are thousands of graves overseas that show the price we paid.

“The Middle East has to start addressing its problems. When those countries wake up to the mayhem and suffering they are inflicting on their people and learn some tolerance towards each other, perhaps then we should provide assistance that does not involve organised killing.

“Iraq is riddled with corruption, billions of dollars in aid, and payment for the Iraqi military has disappeared into many pockets. How can we send young men and women to risk death for these people?”

Mr Peters says a foolish decision to commit troops to Iraq should not be made like one of John Key’s backroom deals like the Sky City casino fiasco.

“He must come to Parliament with his information and MPs should discuss it in a completely bi-partisan atmosphere.

“This is a moral obligation because New Zealand is being dragged into a conflict without end.”


Peters is right

Posted on 28-02-2015 06:59 | By Fonzie

The Middle East countries need to take more ownership of this themselves and put aside their differences John Key needs to show some guts at home stand up to those thumbing their nose at the law and the courts for seven years in the James Takamore body snatching case for starters

Mr Key

Posted on 27-02-2015 13:28 | By Baystyle

Show some guts and dispose of your huge and expensive security contingent that surrounds you. Easy for safe politicians to send young men to risk dying in senseless faraway wars. Grovelling to America is asking for terrorist bombs in buildings to arrive in peaceful New Zealand!

helping us

Posted on 24-02-2015 08:14 | By hapukafin

do we expect our allies to come to our help if I S gets out of hand here.


Posted on 23-02-2015 13:39 | By morepork

... your opinion of Mr. Peters and his politics, you have to admit there is some sound common sense here. While we need to honour our commitments, we certainly should not do so at the expense of our independence. I don’t like to think of young Kiwis being put in harm’s way, for some very questionable Governments. Full disclosure in Parliament would definitely help.

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