ACT welcomes ridesharing recogntion

ACT Leader David Seymour welcomes the passage of legislation to ensure international ridesharing facilitators can operate in New Zealand.

“Too often, red tape prevents consumers from enjoying the benefits of new technology, and suppresses further innovation. Your typical MP is either too old or too accustomed to taxpayer-funded taxi rides to understand how services like Uber work.

“Meanwhile, regular New Zealanders who use Uber understand that outdated licensing and safety laws aren’t as effective as GPS tracking, two-way rating systems, and automatic driver-passenger identification.

“Just last year, Uber drivers were harassed by police and the company’s continued presence in New Zealand was in doubt.

“Now, after consistent pressure from ACT, the Government is today passing legislation to remove the red tape threatening Uber and similar companies from operating in New Zealand. We’ve also worked to reduce the bureaucracy and cost stopping everyday Kiwis from becoming Uber drivers.

“But these fixes took too long, and haven’t gone far enough. With more ACT MPs, we’ll ensure anyone who forks out $50 for a basic background check can drive for payment using ridesharing apps.”