Understanding of 'unanimous'

The Speaker, David Carter, has a strange understanding of the word ‘unanimous agreement’, given two political parties, NZ First and United Future, have called for the public release of Sir Maarten Wevers’ report, which led to Martin Matthews resigning as Auditor-General.
On RNZ’s Morning Report, Mr Carter claimed that there was ‘unanimous’ cross-party agreement to keep this report secret. That appears not to be true.
Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union says, “Mr Carter’s actions in apparently being a party to the cover-up brings the Office of Speaker into disrepute, and with two political parties calling for the report’s release, he can no longer fall back on his so-called ‘unanimous agreement’.”
“The Auditor-General is one of the most important roles in our constitutional framework. If ever there was a time for information to be made available to ensure public confidence, it is right now.”